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Coolcappa National School, Coolcappagh, Ardagh, Co. Limerick


   History of Coolcappa National School.

  • The original part of the current building was built in 1881.
  • It was built to replace an older schoolhouse which was situated in the field across the road.
  • The 1881 school building was a one-roomed building with a small porch attached. It was heated by an open fire at the north facing wall of the building. A smaller classroom was added at a later date. This room for the junior classes did not have a separate exit and the children walked through the senior room to gain access to this classroom.
  • The area at the front of the field on which the older school was built was used as a car park until the current car park was purchased.
  • The children and teachers entered and exited via the steps at the north side of the school. This practice continued until the current car park was purchased in the late 1990s.
  • The original playground to the east of the school was divided in two by a high stone wall. The purpose of this wall was to provide separate playing areas for the boys and the girls.
  • The senior boys were sent to the well each day to bring a bucket of drinking water. This practice continued until the late 1980s.
  • At the eastern wall of the original playground, an outdoor toilet was situated. It was not connected to a sewerage system in the modern sense and the large toilets pans were emptied manually.
  • In the mid-1970s a more modern toilet facility with was built closer to the school building.
  • The current car park and playing field at the back of the school were purchased from the Liston family following the construction of new indoor toilets which were completed in 1997.
  • The area to the west of the school had a large sycamore tree. The children played under this tree and a swing was hanging from one of the branches This tree was removed to make space for the first prefab in the mid-1980s.
  • This prefab was for the junior classes and the former junior classroom then became a staff room.
  • The original prefab was replaced by a larger prefab in 2008. Also the original junior room was extended at the north eastern side.
  • The school underwent complete refurbishment and extension in 2017. The prefab was removed and that area to the west of the school is now the site of a modern outdoor play area.
  • Coolcappa National School is now a modern, well-furnished building with 3 classrooms, staffroom, office, storage room, toilet facilities and is surrounded by spacious, well equipped playing areas.