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Standardised Tests


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Understanding Standardised Tests in Irish Primary Schools

Standardised tests are assessments conducted annually in Irish primary schools to measure a student's performance against predetermined standards. While they provide valuable insights into a student's academic progress, it's essential to understand their limitations.

These tests are just one snapshot of a student's abilities, representing their performance on a specific day.

Results are reported to the Department of Education in 2nd, 4th, and 6th class for statistical purposes and to inform special education teaching allocation. We also use them internally as one source of information when we are allocating our support teaching.

In specific classes, students will take different Standardised tests tailored to their level:


  • Junior Infants: Students will undergo the Alpaca Assessment
  • Senior Infants: Students will undergo Drumcondra Early Mathematics assessments, Drumcondra Early Literacy Assessments and Middle Infant Screening Tests.
  • 1st Class: Students will undergo Micra T Literacy and Drrumcondra Mathematics.
  • 2nd – 6th Class: Students will undergo Micra T Literacy, Drumcondra Mathematics, and Spelling assessments.

Parents play a vital role in supporting their children through these assessments. Reassuring your child before and after the tests is essential. Let them know that these tests are nothing to worry about and are simply tools to help their teacher understand how to teach them best. Creating a positive and stress-free environment around testing can help children approach these assessments with confidence and ease.

It's crucial to emphasise that standardised tests are not comprehensive assessments of a child's knowledge or strengths. They provide important but limited information, and it's essential to consider a child's overall progress and abilities beyond these tests. By understanding the purpose and limitations of standardised tests, parents can help their children succeed academically and foster a positive attitude towards learning.

Important Notes: Scores will be reported to parents with the end-of-year reports. A further explainer of the scoring will be sent home before the results are distributed. If your child will be absent in May during testing, please let your class teacher know so we can reschedule their test if needed.